For Business Owners

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KCM is solely focused on supporting founders, business owners and management teams with strategic guidance, informed industry perspective and patient capital support.  

We recognize that our successes are only realized alongside of those shared by our portfolio partners.  As such, KCM believes that in order to be a truly strategic partner to our companies, we need to provide much more than capital.  This is why KCM practices a collaborative management style and spends the time necessary to gain a deep appreciation and understanding for how our companies operate.  Only then can we deliver creative solutions and strategic guidance to accommodate the unique needs of our businesses as they face increasingly complex challenges and opportunities within their markets. 

KCM dedicates senior level responsiveness and attention while providing access to a deep network of accretive relationships in order to help our management teams with the development and execution of sound value creation plans grounded in organizational and operational enhancements and focused on driving accelerated growth through organic initiatives and/or complementary acquisitions. 

Our goal is to serve as catalysts for the achievement of long-lasting and differentiated success by our businesses.  Hallmarks of KCM's approach in this regard include the following:

  • Alignment of shareholder and management incentives
  • Refinement of business strategy
  • Establishment of a strategic roadmap
  • Assessment and augmentation of organizational talent
  • Implementation of technological modernizations and other infrastructure / systems upgrades
  • Cultivation of a strong corporate culture with transparent communication
  • Execution of growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions

Centered upon a commitment to collaboration and unwavering support for our businesses,
our approach is simple and straightforward.  
We're only as good as our reputation
– at KCM, we do what we say we'll do.