Investment Strategy

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KCM is a builder of businesses.  In order to do that with repeatable success, we must invest in what we know and invest in a manner that is thoughtfully crafted to the unique needs of each of our portfolio companies.  We recognize the market environment in which companies operate today has changed dramatically over the past 30 years and will continue to do so at an ever-accelerating pace.  As such, KCM seeks to build upon the historical foundation and cultural identity of each of its companies while concurrently implementing technological modernizations and other improvements to drive operational excellence and increase competitiveness in today's business climate. 

We are exclusively focused on the lower middle market, an area our team views as the economic engine of the U.S. and one in which we believe meaningful opportunities continue to exist for enhanced value creation.  Though each business in the lower middle market routinely confronts myriad challenges and opportunities throughout its life cycle, KCM believes heightened levels of performance, accelerated growth, and ultimately, increased equity value can be achieved with a patient investment approach focused on both tactical execution and strategic planning. 

  • Tactical planning to improve operations in specific areas over the short term
  • Defined / redefined strategic planning to unlock hidden equity value over the long term
  • Infrastructure, technology and systems upgrades to provide a deeper level of day-to-day business intelligence
  • Sustained emphasis on human resources and talent acquisition to retain and/or obtain skill sets needed for future growth
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We are committed to putting our companies in the best position for continued success.  This not only means focusing on strategy, operations and growth, but also implementing the best-suited capital structure for each investment at its onset. 

To achieve this, KCM commits a significant personal investment to every partnership coupled with flexible and patient capital from our strategic network of investment partners.  This group includes high net worth individuals, executives, family offices with permanent capital and private financial institutions overseeing pools of committed funds.  With these relationships, we provide expedient, dependable and trustworthy capital support, extend our reach within target industry and geographic sectors and strengthen our access to veteran human capital talent and expertise, all of which create incremental value that is extended to our portfolio partners.  

Importantly, our positioning as an independent private investment firm, rather than a traditional fund, enables KCM to employ a patient investment approach and provide stronger alignment to both our investors and our portfolio partners.  As a result, KCM maximizes its time doing what’s important – serving as a strong partner to our management teams to assist in building world-class businesses of which all stakeholders can be proud.